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About Troop 57

Troop 57 and Venture Crew 57 are members of the Gray Owl District of Circle Ten Council, Boy Scouts of America. The troop and crew are chartered by the First United Methodist Church of Garland, Texas.

As one of the oldest troops in Circle Ten Council, we are very proud of our heritage and are also very thankful for the support shown to us by the Church over the years. We are an active troop and we are involved in serving our community in any way we can.

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Firing our Troop Cannon
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We camp once a month. That sounds pretty simple, but our annual activities include anything from rifle and shotgun shooting, climbing and rappelling, canoeing and every high-adventure opportunity that we can arrange. In addition to the annual activities, we also go flying, horseback riding, snorkeling, and hiking. Our program is truly Scout-led, so it changes and adapts to whatever the Scouts want to do. We have many dedicated adults with varying interests who are trained in a broad range of areas so we can support just about any program our Scouts can dream up. Got a new idea? Let's do it!

Troop 57 is responsible for an annual Arrow of Light crossover presentation which just so happens to include a pyrotechnics display--pyrotechnics displays that are the stuff of legend. Our Arrow of Light ceremony is open to all Cub Scout packs, because we truly believe that we are the best troop in the area and seeing us in action is our best advertisement. Other Troop 57 calling cards include our "Wheel of Meat" and our infectious camp spirit (and antics), whether it be Summer Camp, Webelos Woods, Winter Camp, Camporee, a regular troop campout or traveling anywhere in between.

Community Service
In addition to the amazing adventures, we also believe strongly in helping out at home. We pitch in anytime we can and in any way that we can.
    A small, recent list of some events where we've helped out
  • Participated in the 2005 Garland, Texas Labor Day Parade, collecting money for victims of hurricans Katrina and Rita
  • Helped clean out a warehouse for use by the American Red Cross for Hurricane Assistance
  • Restoration project for the Heard Museum in McKinney
    Some examples of our regular community service projects
  • Annual Adopt-A-Highway program sponsored by the State of Texas
  • Annual BSA Scouting For Food drive
  • Annual flag ceremony for our chartered organization, First United Methodist Church, on Scout Sunday
  • Our own "Adopt-A-Family" program, in addition to the annual BSA food drive, for local families in need
  • Serve as the Color Guard for any ceremony that will have us
  • Active participation in the various Eagle projects planned and executed by all of our Eagle candidates over the years
National statistics tell us that less than 4% of Scouts earn the prestigious rank of Eagle. Troop 57 is especially proud that, to date, 158 of our number have attained that goal, and the number is still increasing!

Wood Badge

Wood Badge is the premier adult training program for the Boy Scouts of America. Troop 57 has a long history of having Wood Badge trained adults.