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Latest News
Troop 57 Goes Fishing

Garland Mayor Jones Speaks to Troop 57

Troop 57 Leads Labor Day Parade

Troop 57 Court of Honor

Troop 57 Goes East

New Scout Campout

Arrow of Light Ceremony

2009 October
Eagles' Nest has been updated again. We're at 175 Eagles and counting!

2009 September
Added Troop 57 Wood Badge Graduates page.

2009 August
Clements Scout Ranch June 14-20, 2009.
Video highlights from Troop 57's famous Arrow of Light Ceremony.

2009 March
Scout Sunday slide show presentation of last year's activities.

2008 August
Added photo slide show of Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch June 2008 summer camp .

2005 December
Renovation for About, History, Glossary, Offices and Eagles' Nest.
Retired page locations have been set to redirect to new locations (mostly .htm to .asp).
Venturing Info and Planning an Eagle Ceremony pages updated.
Summer Camp 2006 page added.
Header backgrounds & 57 logo randomized.
More updates coming all the time.

2005 November
New style applied to News page and ASP includes activated in pages with new style. New look applied to Calendar.
2005 November 10
New site design premieres on main and Contacts pages.

2004 March 28
Now online on our useful information page. Mr. Jeffcoat's cooking extravaganza.

2003 November 17
After a minor mishap which caused our website to go down for a few weeks Troop 57 is now back on line!
2003 October 18
Eagles' Nest has been updated again. We're at 156 Eagles and counting!
2003 March 26
Eagles' Nest has been updated again. We're at 153 Eagles and counting! Way to go 57!!
2003 February 19
Eagles Nest has been updated. We're at 150 Eagles and counting!
2003 February 3
The Circle Ten Council website has been updated with new on-line training. BSA now has added Fast Start on-line training for Boy Scouts and Venturing to go along with the Cub Scout course. In addition, there is now on-line Youth Protection Training.

2002 November 23
Cool Stuff updated with all of the Summer and Fall 2002 activities.
2002 May 12
Cool Stuff updated with pictures from the AOL & Pioneering campouts, and pictures of our Scout Show booth in action!
(and for you old-timers a few pix from the '98 Shooting campout with a cool picture of the Troop Cannon being fired)
2002 April 18
District Camporee cancelled
2002 April 18
Pack 1978 Crossover photos posted
2002 February 15
Check out the new Troop 57 Sign by the entrance to the Troop room!
2002 February 8
Venturing information added to the Useful Information page.
2002 January 1
The Eagles Nest has been updated & is now current through the end of 2001.

2001 December 31
The Cool Stuff page has been updated with a Ton of new & old pictures.
2001 December 15
Information about the Troops newly formed Venture Crew has been added.

2000 August 25
Finally! We have a History page.
2000 August 25
Search tool temporarily offline.
2000 March 8
Search tool added to Home page!
2000 March 8
Lots of stuff added to the Useful Information page.
2000 February 10
Contacts page updated.
2000 February 10
Calendar updated.